PM Turbo Blower

JAGUAR PM turbo blower is 30% more
energy efficient than traditional blowers


  • The JAGUAR ZTB Permanent Magnet Turbo Blower series is a high-tech single stage, high speed turbo blower derived from aero engine technology, combined with air compression technology. With the adoption of core technologies such as air suspension bearings, ultra-high precision 3D impellers and high speed coaxial Permanent Magnet motors, it opens up a new era of extreme efficiency, reliable performance, and highly stable blowers.
  • The Jaguar Permanent Magnet Turbo Blower saves up to 30% in terms of energy requirements compared to traditional blowers, and have the advantage of low noise and no vibration. Additionally, they do not require any lubricants and are virtually maintenance free when compared to traditional blowers.
  • As an environmentally friendly and energy saving high tech product, the JAGUAR ZTB series are widely used in various industrial fields such as waste water treatment and their exceptional quality and reliability are now recognised by the markets around the world.


  • 30% energy savings compared to roots type, rotary piston type, or, claw type blowers
  • Non use of lubricated air bearings and no gearboxes
  • Certified highly efficient equipment

Fully intelligent control

  • Fully intelligent interactive touch screen with multiple operating modes
  • Remote communication of operating parameters

Low noise, no vibration

  • Noise levels are reduced to <80dB and vibration free operation of air suspension shafts
  • No need for sound attenuation in the plant room, easy installation

Low maintenance costs

  • Highly-integrated, small size and light weight
  • Only need to clean and replace the air filters

Evolution of Blower Power

Each time from the traditional blower to the PM turbo blower,
the air supply system is upgraded to serve the customer better!

ZTB-30~300HP diagram

Conventional blowers

  • With gear & belt drive, noisy
  • Prone to wear, and requiring regular maintenance and replacement of consumables
  • Low efficiency in long term operations, and reduced efficiency caused by compression wear
  • Large structure and slight vibration

Jaguar blowers

  • With coaxial drive, air bearing and no lubricant requirement, Zero wear, no other maintenance costs
  • Ultra high efficiency, 30% energy saving compared with traditional Roots blower
  • Compact structure, minimal vibration and low noise below 80 dB(A)

Air Suspension Bearing

Non-contact bearings that are suspended by centrifugal force
using air pressure generated by the blower during high speed rotation

Air Suspension Bearing
  • JAGUAR air bearings are non-contact dynamic pressure bearings that are based on fluid dynamic pressure generated by high speed rotation between the rotor and the foil structured bearing and are 100% oil-free and clean.
  • Based on aerodynamic properties, the thrust and radial bearings are very simple in construction with no lubrication system and no requirements for maintenance.
  • The air serves as lubricant for no contact, no vibration and low noise.
  • Special coatings on the bearing surfaces reduce frictional wear between the rotor and the bearings, providing stability and improved life.

JAGUAR Efficient Impeller

Advanced Aerodynamic System Technology –
Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Impellers

JAGUAR Efficient Impeller
  • For the new-generation efficient impellers developed independently by JAGUAR, the molded lines are designed subject to the concept of 3D flow. The impellers are machined and molded with the Hermle five-axis NC machine tools so that its design precision is up to 0.001mm.
  • The Impellers are then anodized and coated with an anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion solution to create a smooth impeller surface which ensure very stable running at ultra high speeds.
  • The impellers are made of high-strength aviation aluminium alloy AL7075, which is lighter and consumes less energy than other materials, making it highly suitable for high-speed rotating equipment.
  • The impeller structure is tested for stability by 120% overspeed rotation tests, to ensure safe and reliable running of the equipment.
  • The impellers are directly coupled to the main motor shaft for 100% power transmission efficiency. Jaguars precise impeller process guarantees high stability.

ZTB 30~300HP

ZTB 30~300HP with open cabinet
Ultra-high efficiency PM motor comparison chart

Ultra-high efficiency PM motor

  • Efficient PM synchronous motor as drive source, with efficiency ≥96%
  • Over-speed running of motor based on optimized high-speed rotation design
  • Accurate speed control by frequency conversion technology 
  • Compact motor structure design
  • Powerful cooling system ensures stable and efficient running
  • No impact on the energy requirements based on soft start frequency converter devices
Ultra-high efficiency PM motor air inlet

Ultra-high efficiency PM motor

  • JAGUAR Turbo Blowers have a complete self-cooling system, where a cooling fan attached to the motor shaft rotates as the motor rotates and draws in cool air. The air is then discharged outside the machine after passing through the motor.
  • Unlike water cooled systems, there is no requirement for a circulating water pump or cooling tower to cool the water, making it a perfect air-cooled system that can effectively achieve an optimum cooling effect without additional energy requirements.

High-speed special inverter

JAGUAR turbo blower inverter
  • The Jaguar Inverter is customized according to the characteristics of the JAGUAR Turbo Blower, which is uniquely intelligent, stable and extremely reliable.
  • The inverter is supplied with a unique heat/cooling system, which is designed for various working conditions.
  • The inverter controls the running parameters by adjusting the frequency to achieve a variable start frequency and provide the most efficient frequency for the motor according to the required air consumption, so that the motor can work at an optimum rated speed.

Intelligent Control System

JAGUAR PLC control system
  • JAGUAR uses exceptional quality PLC with high stability to achieve precise control of the blower and to reduce operating errors caused by human error, or, electrical interferences.
  • The control system is optimized for high speed rotating blowers to meet customers requirements for various working conditions such as constant pressure, constant flow and constant speed.
  • The controller supports RS485 ports for easy setup and control and efficient maintenance.

Field Operation/Remote Control/ Automatic Running

Jaguar Field Operation remote control

Intelligent Control System

jaguar Intelligent Control System chart

In order to promote environmental protection policies such as energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development, JAGUAR Permanent Magnet Turbo Blowers have been gradually applied in various industrial fields because of their high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, no lubrication, easy installation and maintenance, as a standard blower is rated as one of the main energy consuming devices.


Pneumatic Conveying of Material

It can be used in cement factory, chemical industry, and food industry.
Typical applications:
Pneumatic conveying of industrial raw materials, dust, and food etc.


It can be used for aeration in the wastewater digesters so that the biological matter in the digesters can be broken down rapidly.
Typical applications:
Sewage and wastewater treatment factory.

Desulfurization and denitrification

It can be used for the treatment of waste gas and smoke pollutants from industrial production.
Typical applications:
Petrochemical, gas boiler and air pollution control.


It can be used in the production or fermentation process, where compressed air can provide oxygen for bacteria.
Typical applications: Biopharmaceuticals, vaccine production and fertilizer production.

Easy installation

  • There is virtually no vibration when the Jaguar Blower is in operation and no ground anchors or other types of anchor points are required to fix the Blower in the desired location. The Jaguar Blower needs only to be connected to a power supply and pipeline for optimal operation.
  • The horizontal legs can be adjusted under the blower for easier levelling during installation and commissioning.

Easy maintenance

  • The maintenance can be done by simply replacing the filter at the recommended required intervals.
  • The compressed air quality is improved via two types of filters (filter + filter cotton media).
  • The pressure loss is reduced through specifically designed high quality filters.
Site installation Diagram