PM Screw Vacuum Pump

VC Series 05-100HP

Top of the “Energy-Efficient Star” Ranking
by MIIT for Three Consecutive Years


  • 40% energy saving as compared to traditional liquid-ring vacuum pumps
  • Increased and constant vacuum levels
  • Energy saving by Permanent Magnet Inverter
  • High flow and increased pumping speed
VC Series 05-100HP in cabinet

JAGUAR Rotary Screw
Vacuum Pump

JAGUAR Permanent Magnet Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump VC series is a new generation of intelligent, rotary screw, vacuum pump, using IP-65, 8 stage Permanent Magnet Co-Axially powered motor, with ultra-low noise.

The Inlet Valve on these Air-Ends have been rigorously tested and have also been subjected to various methods of testing to ensure that this latest design, now reaches levels unsurpassed in this industry to date. Large flow design and faster pumping speed can now be achieved.

The ultimate pressure is 0.35 mbar(A), and the vacuum capacity is adjusted to a continuous and stable demand.

The liquid-cooled system of this innovative design, cools the Permanent Magnet motor via the coolant to ensure that the Permanent Magnet motor does not lose magnetism and allows the motor to operate at a fairly constant temperature. A savings of 40% of energy when compared to a traditional liquid-ring, or, rotary piston vacuum pump. The plug and play design principle provides better performance to meet your operating requirements.

Efficient PM Synchronous Motor

For the JAGUAR VC series with IE4 PM Inverter Drives, Ultra-High Efficient Motors, the electro-magnetic design and operation of these motors is greatly optimized, the motor efficiency is greatly improved by 5-10%, and the user cost is significantly reduced.

Jaguar VC Series with IE4 PM Motor

Technical Parameters of VC Series

Technical Parameters of VC Series Chart

Application Field

JAGUAR PM Inverter Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump series products have been widely used in: vacuum smelting, electronic vacuum, vacuum clamping, vacuum thermoforming, vacuum adsorption, chemical & pharmaceutical vacuum manufacturing process, and ring-pull can vacuum canning etc.

Commercial factories

Energy-efficient, fast recovery

When replacing old technology equipment, the JAGUAR VC series are 40% more energy-efficient than traditional liquid-ring vacuum pumps, with Permanent Magnet Inverters, intelligent operation modes, equate to an efficient, energy saving pump.

Improved working environment:
Adopting a highly efficient oil separator, ensuring a cleaner internally discharged vapour, there is no discharge of oil, or, condensate, making these pumps, totally “environmentally friendly”.

Easy installation, convenient operation

Space saving: JAGUAR VC series are compact and occupy a small footprint with no need for anchors.

Convenient of operation: It is safe to connect to a power supply and to any pipeline.

Intelligent Controllers:
With intelligent colour touch screen technology, it is easy for human interaction, as well as remote controlling.

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