The 3rd Generation
Two Stage PM Screw

ZLS-2iC 30~350HP

  • Dual motor driving independently.
  • Lower compression ratio than single stage.
  • Lower inner leakage backflow.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Longer running time.
  • Lower failure rate.
  • Flexible regulating of middle pressure.
  • Easy to match better air end to achieve different pressure and better efficiency.

Low RPM Permanent Magnet
VSD Screw Air Compressor

ZLS-Hi+ 07~350HP

  • The VSD keeps pressure stable, which effectively avoids the waste of energy in the process of loading and unloading and effectively stabilises the operating pressure in the air line. The pressure fluctuation is stably controlled to a minimum of 0.01Mpa.
  • As a result of stable pressure, the overall average pressure is reduced, and the system load is reduced, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. With the decrease of the average working pressure, the leakage risk in the system pipeline is greatly reduced.
  • After the VSD machine is started, the starting stage of the motor will not impact the electric grid, and the energy loss of the peak current of the traditional air compressor in the start-up phase is completely eliminated.
  • Provide 5~8kg pressure range to the user, VSD compressor can also be customised high pressure and special design of the inverter and motor (high protective bearing), to ensure the safety and stability in VSD control.

Low Pressure Large Discharge

ZLS-Di 30~200HP

  • Original IP65 permanent magnet motor, oil/water cooled technology, increases Motor efficiency by a minimum of 8%.
  • With large rotor and low speed design, the performance is more stable.
  • Permanent magnet IPM motor adopts 8 pole high speed motor energy-saving efficiency increased by 10% compared with asynchronous motors
  • Dual VSD cooling fan reduces noise levels and saves a minimum of 3% of energy consumption.
  • Special low pressure intake valve, oil separation filter and minimum pressure valve, significantly improves the overall performance of the entire machine.

Low RPM Permanent Magnet
VSD Screw Air Compressor

XS – 10~50HP

  • Coaxial drive makes higher efficiency and zero transmission loss.
  • IE4 permanent magnet motor running speed changes with site applications.
  • IP65 protection level is assured by liquid cooling enclosed motor housing.

Jaguar built-in dryer
PM screw air compressor series

LS -Hi 09~30HP


  • Integrated panel display controller. A single electronic controller conveniently controls both screw compressor and refrigerated dryer.
  • VSD control cooling can save 3% energy while reducing noise levels.
  • When compared with average air-ends, the Jaguar oil lubricated Permanent Magnet motor drive technology, which was originally created by JAGUAR, now increases efficiency with a minimum of 8% and increases the protection level to IP65.
  • 8 pole high torque Permanent Magnet motors increase efficiency by a minimum of 10% when compared to any standard asynchronous motors.

Asynchronous Direct Drive Screw Compressor

ZLS 10~350HP

  • The air-end is made of the third generation of screw profile. According to the idea of enlarged rotors, increased bearing sizes and lowered operating speeds. All of these new models have been re-designed. They are extremely reliable and with lowered speeds, they have also reduced possible failure rates which guarantee an increased service life of the air-end.
  • Advantages of low speed and low noise, are to reduce the sensation to the human ear which ultimately protects your hearing.
  • The intake valve and the oil pipe are specially designed according to the latest technology. The internal pressure ratio is now lowered and the oil and gas heat exchange is therefore increased.
  • The direct drive transmission, high transmission efficiency, reliable imported coupling, easy installation, increases operating life.

Air Cooling Oil-free Piston Air Compressor

  • 100% completely oil-free, providing clean compressed air.
  • Self lubrication piston ring and sealing bearing, no oil in crankcase.
  • The entire process of compression is no oil, so the resulting compressed air is 100% oil-free.
  • Widely used in medical, food, micro-electronics, laser and other requirements of completely oil-free compressed air applications.

Vertical Piston Compressor

  • Portable Design.
  • Large air displacement.
  • Space saving.
  • Plug in and use.

Medium Pressure Air Cooled Piston Air Compressor ( 30 Bar)


  • 100% cast iron crankcase and individually cast cylinder.
  • Efficient fin cooler.
  • Solid connecting rods.
  • Easy starting with unloading device.
  • Synthetic lubricant oil.
  • Durable parts.

Gasoline Drive Piston Compressor

  • Portable design.
  • Ease of use outdoors.
  • Easy to transport.

Refrigeration Air Dryer


The condenser uses aluminium cores which have a high heat transfer efficiency to increase the degree of super cooling and refrigerating capacity.

Refrigerant Compressor 
International brand compressors with super high energy efficiencies and excellent reliability that guarantee the superior performance of our refrigerated dryers.

Electric Drain Valve 
Electronic timed automatic drains are installed with anti-blocking device to prevent blockages internally of the device.

Absorption Air Dryer


Work Stably and Reliably With Accurate Actions

  • High quality flexible and stable valve components, work reliably with increased service life.
  • High quality exhaust muffler effectively reduces noise levels produced by the equipment and provides pressure protection to enhance safe performance of the equipment.
  • Unique barrel design increasing air flow and stable air pressure with no fluctuations and less damage to absorbent material which reduces dust in air at discharge ports.
  • Rational switch time to guarantee stable air pressure at discharge ports.

Work Stably and Reliably With Accurate Actions

  • Imported absorbent, offering better mechanical strength and more powerful absorption force to make sure that the machine can be operated for a long time and guarantee stable dew points.

Water Separator


It is an economic, energy saving and everlasting compressed air treatment system which can be used for a minimum of 5 years to remove water, oil , dust and the other impurities.

Air Receiver


Strictly in accordance with the national design standards, we commit to produce the best and safest pressure air tank which has passed stringent tests. All the pressure vessels manufactured by Jaguar are manufactured under strict supervision of the Jaguar Special Equipment Research lnstitute, providing you with the quality and safety of these products.

High Precision Filter


To achieve high precision filtration quality, we adopt a multi layer filter material that includes a borosilicate fibre, fibreglass, activated carbon fibre, unwoven fabric layer with stainless steel protective mesh to provide a guaranteed oil free, non-impurity, high quality compressed air.

Jaguar Screw Air Compressor Station


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